How to Solve Painting Problems in Residential Paint

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Any painted wall can have a number of problems. This can occur either on a freshly painted surface, or over time. To avoid untoward paint problems, it is best to be aware of the steps that must occur prior to applying new colors. Here are Painter Woodstock GA and their corresponding solutions.

Blocking is a common problem. When two surfaces of different colors are stuck together, the result is usually not what you desire. The color has not dried completely before closing the door. This can also be caused by the use inferior latex colors. A better choice is to choose a higher-quality color or a semi-gloss color. The cost of latex colors is often directly proportional to the quality. You will need more money for a higher grade. It is better to spend money on high-quality paints than low grade paints and the potential for back costs.

Do you remember a wall which appeared to be excessively shiny in certain areas? This is called burnishing. This is caused by too much rubbing or brushing of the wall. It doesn’t occur on freshly painted walls, but over time it can happen in areas that are heavily trafficked. When a fixture, or equipment of any kind is rubbed up against the painted wall you will see glossy spots. This is caused by the use of paints that are not scrub resistant. For spots that need frequent cleaning, it is best to use semi-gloss paint or gloss. You can clean walls that have been painted in gloss with a soft material, such as a sponge. Always rinse any area you clean with water.

Sagging is another phenomenon that occurs immediately after painting. This is when paint appears to be drooping, giving an uneven paint depth. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors. This problem can be caused by excessively thick paint, or an over-applied paint. This problem can occur when using a paint sprayer. The gun is too close to the wall and you are applying paint. The weather is another factor that we cannot change. Paint can be affected by too humid or cold conditions. The way paint is applied can be the solution. Reroll your brush as soon as you notice an unleveled area. When you think it is too late, and the paint may have dried slightly, lightly sand that area and add another coat. Apply enough paint to cover the area and do not pile it on the wall.

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