What Are The Causes Of Construction Accidents?

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The most common type of work-related injury is a construction accident rectify. The failure of forklifts can result in construction injuries. The job site may contain cranes, front loaders or any other construction machinery. Other violations include defective safety equipment, falling objects, inadequate training of construction workers, incorrectly assembled scaffolding and structural collapse. OSHA, under the U.S. Department of Labor must protect workers in the construction industry. OSHA ensures a certain level safety for all construction workers working on high-risk job sites, or in hazardous conditions. Oregon’s Employer Liability Law protects workers in construction. This law requires construction companies that engage in dangerous work to take all necessary precautions to prevent worker injuries on the jobsite.

Construction is an extremely dangerous profession. There are numerous hazards at the construction site. Although these regulations are important, they do not offer much comfort to the construction workers and their family members. Construction workers often suffer from irresponsible bosses and are exposed unnecessarily to risk at work. There are also many instances where third parties, such as subcontractors and contractors, will be on the site creating hazardous conditions. Construction companies are responsible for educating their employees on safety measures and ensuring that the site is compliant with all safety regulations. The Department of Labor and Industries analyzed construction injuries over a 4-year period. Seven injuries were found to be most common. They also accounted for 92% of all claims that could be compensated.

* Musculoskeletal disorders resulting from work-related activities of the upper extremities, neck and back
Workers injured by falling objects or heavy machinery
* Workers pinched against a brick wall by machines or motor vehicles
* Workers trapped in or under a machine
Slips or falls at ground level on construction sites
* Injuries caused by falling from heights on construction sites* Other motor vehicle accidents

A personal injury lawyer can help you if you, or someone you love, has been injured at a construction site. An experienced personal lawyer will know how deal with different insurance policies, identify the parties involved in the building process, and help you find out who’s responsible for the injury.

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