The Tower Of London, A Castle Of England

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A Tower of London visit is not complete without a look at the Crown Jewels. They are kept in one of the most accessible vaults on earth. A royal ornament made of thousands of glittering gem stones, yards of gilt silver and thousands of other precious materials. Each jewel is unique, and has a compelling royal history. Mandy Dishs, Imperial State Crowns, and other royal components are important in every annual ceremony. Visit our website and learn more about Tower of London.

Jewel House keeps the Jewels constantly guarded by armed personnel. Crown Jewels contain 23,578 different gems. A special highlight is the lavish Imperial State Crown. This crown alone contains 2,868 diamonds as well as 273 pearls. There are also 17 sapphires 11 emeralds 5 rubies.

Visit the Tower of London and spend time exploring what it was like to be a prisoner in either the Bloody or Beauchamp Towers. You could even make up stories about the inscribed messages left behind by past prisoners.

If you take a Beefeater Tour, their stories will leave you equally amazed. They have been told for generations. The Beefeaters deliver their tales of passion and pain, treachery, and torture with charm and panache. After the discovery of the remains of two children during Charles II’s reign, it is said that the Garden Tower became the Bloody Tower. In the Tower were executed legends like Lady Jane Grey, Thomas More, and many others. There are even rumors that the Tower has ghosts. Medieval Palace is a palace with opulent and lush interiors. Take a tour of the Tower of London to discover what it was like living in a lavish medieval household.

The White Tower, the first Tower of London. William the Conqueror started building the White Tower around 1080. This would have provided a home that was both secure and impressive for William, the Norman conqueror.

The White Tower houses the most comprehensive collection of armours in Europe. This includes Henry VIII’s personal armory. Tower of London’s ravens as well as the legends associated with them make it a London destination that is not to be missed. Even a collection of historically significant weapons and torturing instruments can be found in the Tower.

Uncover the complicated and sometimes mind-boggling past of one of London’s most popular attractions. Tower of London is a place with a turbulent and fascinating past. You can visit the Tower of London, a place that is at times unsettling and all-in-all riveting.

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